Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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Hello all

Now that the book of the blog is published, I have to start a marketing campaign that would make a Coca Cola executive blush. Well, OK, smile at least. Given that I have no marketing experience, I may be setting myself a tall order. But, as the McCrumble motto is 'Never give up!', I feel it is my destiny to strike forth and make a significant dent in the armoury of the unenlightened.

Your opinions on the following promotional slogans would be appreciated...

  • McCrumble is coming! Open your purses and receive his emissions today!

  • Snuggle up with McCrumble under the covers tonight.

  • A slice of McCrumble every day is clinically proven to reduce the incidence of SAD. Eat him between meals without ruining your appetite!

  • Buy this book for the love of will never feel the same again...

  • Hug a geek + buy this book = two good deeds.

Like I said, I have no marketing experience, so, if you have any suggestions of your own, I'd be most grateful to hear them.




    Anonymous said...

    How about
    Something for the Christmas stocking will keep you in suspenders.

    it's the real thing. You will joke on your coke when you read this.

    Anonymous said...

    sorry I was meaning to say.. you will choke onyour coke when you read this..

    Anonymous said...

    I quite fancy your - Hug a geek + buy this book = two good deeds.

    I buy loads of books, and I've hugged a few geeks in my time. I also quite fancy the idea of doing two good deeds.

    Then again, I've joked on a few cokes ...

    Sigh !

    Signed : SOMEBODY

    Anonymous said...

    Dr. dearest.

    I love to wave the plastic about, especially in the direction of books, so you will appreciate my frustration at not being able to do so for one of yours.

    Your book links are telling me that 'This Product Is Unavailable'.

    Perhaps Mr. Booth will be able to throw some light upon the subject ?

    ... with baited breathing ... SOMEBODY

    Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

    Plum - Thanks for the suggestions. I'll run them by my publisher and see what he thinks.

    Anonymous Somebody - have you tried signing in under 'Other' I can do it without any problems.

    There is just a delay in bringing all the companies selling the book up to speed. I'll check it out and see where we are. Dr Booth has been informed.

    Micky said...

    DOCTOR Booth ? Is this gentleman one of yours ?

    Micky said...

    Yaaeeey. From Anonymous to Micky ! I am now SOMEBODY.

    I thank you, kind Doctor, for your invaluable suggestion.

    Dr Joseph McCrumble said...


    Welcome aboard. Dr Booth is a colleague of mine in the same discipline. He runs the Matangini Project, which is being supported by the sale of the book.

    Micky said...

    I thought the Matangini Project was for water wells, etc. Does it encompas the whole Civil Engineering bit ? From under the ground to buildings on top ?

    Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

    From what he has told me, the money pays for digging the wells (by hand!), lining the upper part to prevent collapse, a concrete cover and purchase of a pump.



    Micky said...

    Morning Doc. I (eventually ...) Googled The Matangi Project. It was a very interesting read. Whether I can purchase your scribbles, or not, I shall definately be donating to the Project.
    Water, to me, is Adam's Nectar and I cannot go more than 15 minutes without a glass of the precious stuff.
    Well done Matangi.

    Opps ... just fallen off me soap box.

    Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

    Hi Micky

    Thanks very much for your interest. Never having published before, I'm not sure how long it takes to get everything in place, but it looks like things are at least moving in the right direction. now have a description on their page.


    J McC