Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Lives!

Hello all

I'm quite excited this morning. Not because the remaining charge of assault (see entries passim) has been lifted, nor because the police have apprehended the perpetrator of the death threats that forced my flight to the forest (see entries passim), nor because Denise has found a man (she hasn't). No, I'm quite excited because today the proof copy of the book was pushed through the letterbox of the institute. The one you may have seen in Denise's video was a mock-up, using the cover wrapped over a field-guide to the helminth parasites of ducks. The real deal is shown below...

You will no doubt notice the less-than-kind reference to Mrs McHaggarty, Dolores's mother. I have to admit that I forgot to clear this with Mrs McHaggarty before submitting it for publication. I'm expecting a reaction as soon as she sees the book. My defence will be that the marketing people at the publishers put these words in place to boost sales. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to think of some other way of keeping the peace. I am braced for hard times ahead...

Please remember that in buying the book (it is available in the UK, the US, Germany, France and even Japan), you will be supporting the following:




Micky said...

Yippee-doo ! Does that mean that I can now purchase my copies ? (Yes ! Copies, plural).


p.s. Is Mark Booth related to Denise ? They bear a strong resemblence to each other. It's uncanny. Perhaps the fair Lady should look in his direction ? Their children would be beautiful.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hello Micky

Yes please, go ahead and order your copies. Just for my own records, how many will you be wanting?

The similarity between Dr Booth and Denise has been remarked upon by a number of observers. They are both surprised by this, as they are from very different parts of the country and no obvious connection except through myself. I'm not sure either of them are flattered by the comparison, to be honest.



Jenn said...

So you have defenitly been a busy boy. It is good to read that everything is right and good in the world of McCrumble again. By the way I am all about hugging geeks and buying books so I think you should stick with that slogan.

Hi Ravel!

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...


I have been busy, but I couldn't have done it without Dolores or Dr Booth. Not everything is right yet, but for the time being I'm pushing my problems aside to concentrate on getting the book promoted.

Ravel smiled when I just said you said hello. He is currently busy dissecting a pigeon.



Micky said...

For your records, Doc. (to begin with ...) I shall be ordering 2 copies of your book. One for myself and one for a very good friend, who lives in Edinburgh. (No. She's not an intrepid reporter, but she does enjoy woodland walks.) After that ... well, anything could happen.

Alas, again I have to report that as much as I tried, I haven't been able to purchase your book.

Amazon are saying that it's not available. Tesco and WH Smith just think I'm mad and haven't got back to me, yet.

Perhaps you could have a book signing day, and I could get my copies (direct) from your own fair hands ?

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hi Micky

You should be able to use Amazon now. I am going to test the system myself. It's currently not available through Tesco's or Smiths or Play, as it has only just been released.

I'm unfortunately not going to be conducting any public engagements myself to promote the book. Once you read it, you'll understand why I must keep a low profile. My agent for all the publicity is Dr Mark Booth, from the University of Cambridge.

best wishes