Monday, October 23, 2006

The days are getting shorter

Hello all

Dolores here, yet again. Feeling like I've been left behind to deal with everything. Joseph is still refusing to come home. Denise is getting increasingly frustrated at having to cook, clean and fulfil her role as receptionist. I am getting heavier and heavier. Joseph said I should put the twelve week scan of Number 3 on the website, just to prove it is true. Why we need to prove it I don't know. I mean, would you make something like that up? He said that some people think this blog is pure fiction, and that showing a real baby might convince them otherwise. OK, I said, let's see. So here is the scan, taken a few weeks ago....

Anyone familiar with these ultrasound scans will immediately recognise what they see. For those of you not yet there, you are looking at a 12 week old foetus reclining with its head on the right and its feet on the left. You can just see its little hand behind the head.

Joseph has assured me that he is not abandoning me, but he still insists that whilst his life is in danger that he is best away from the Institute. So, I tell him, who is going to defend me when his stalker comes calling? Can't Denise handle them? he asks. Actually, I think he has a point there. She has beaten Ravel a few times at arm wrestling.

Ho hum, I guess I've just got to stick it out until his lordship decides he's had enough of playing hide-and-seek.

I suppose there is a modicum of cheer to be shared. I sent the book of the blog off to the printers today. It should hit the bookshelves soonish, hopefully.



Friday, October 13, 2006

The book wot he wrote

Hello all

Dolores here. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting my own blog back, rather than having to cover for my absent husband. I am trying my best to understand why he's in hiding, but he won't listen. The police have been in touch with him to make assurances that his safety is paramount. We haven't had any more threats yet, which either means the perp has gone underground, or has been arrested for something else.

I'm muddling along. The morning sickness is abating, though I do get tired very easily, and somewhat nauseous in the evenings. Denise has been as helpful as possible, but the girl isn't really made for housework, or companionship come to think of it.

My mother has been here on a couple of occasions. Her views of Joseph's activities are best kept off this post, I think. I keep trying to defend him, but she won't listen.

The local media have been here on several occasions asking about Joseph and his whereabouts. He is becoming more of a local celebrity by his absence than anything he ever actually did or said whilst here. Two reporters have apparently been dispatched to track him down. I suggested that might be a bad idea, what with Ravel apparently having taken on guard duties, but they ignored my advice. Good luck to them, I say.

It is now my turn to read through the book of the blog. There are certain bits I really think shouldn't appear if we are to have the mass appeal that he anticipates. He's also put in a story about things going on at a conference in Denver, Colorado. Now, he tells me that it is all entirely from his imagination. But I know he actually did go to a conference in Denver a few years ago, and I of course have no idea what he really gets up to at these things. No reason to doubt his word of course, at least not at the moment.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some good news....


Dolores here, still babysitting Joseph's main blog. He still insists on writing everything on his new incognito blog, so if you really feel the need to read what he says then you'll have to nip over there. Of course, I have a life too, so you might like to read what I have to say.

In fact, as of today, the news isn't all bad. One of the charges against my husband has been dropped. I was in the middle of instructing Denise how to cook an omelette when I received a phone call from the local police. They told me that the girl who had accused Joseph of sexual assault was no longer pressing charges. It turns out that she was caught with her pants down administering a 'favour' to the brother of one of the arresting officers in a layby. The incident was reported in the local paper, at which point several other men came forward and said they had enjoyed brief encounters with the girl in public places. There actually seems to be some sympathy for my husband, and the village may even be coming round to the idea that the charges were unwarranted in the first place.

I've told Joseph, but he is still reluctant to come home whilst the person who made the death threats is still at large. 'This is a small victory in a long war', he wrote. 'Only tremendous fortitude and exemplary courage will bring about a long-term, viable settlement'. Yeah, whatever. Sometimes he's just a little bit.....

You get the picture.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Big ideas

Dolores here. Joseph has asked me to tell you that he has posted his censored comments on his other blog

I don't like censorship either.


Hello all

Dolores here. As you may know, Joseph has gone into hiding. He assures me that once the threat is lifted he will be back here. In the meatime, he has promised to update his new blog. Why the hell he feels the need to write under a different blog title I have not the tiniest idea. He did mumble something on the phone about 'IP address tracing', so maybe he has some method attached to his madness.

Did I say madness? Oh dear. I've been trying not to go down that route but I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps my husband needs help. Any suggestions based on your own observations would be welcome.

Over here at the Institute things have virtually ground to a halt. Without their boss around the staff are just lounging around doing sudoko puzzles. I'm not doing too bad considering the stresses and strains. Whether number 3, currently growing inside at a tremendous rate is unharmed remains to be tested. The twins have calmed down since Jospeph made contact. The headmaster offered to send them home on compassionate leave, but I politely declined. Having my mother here and Joseph missing is just about as much as I can bear at the moment.