Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I made a mess

Oh dear

There I was, trying to put a link to the book of the blog, when all of a sudden the template went kaputt. Had to start a new one. Like the colour scheme?



Anonymous said...

I read your blog with out fail both here and on Chris Evans website. However not sure that my offerings would be up to the standard of your crazy world - so never feel worthy of comment.
I will evidently be buying the book!

Hazel Love said...

Hi Dr J - it is obviously your distress over the missing erinaceinae that is causing you to not function fully.
Perhaps you should rig Ravel up in some kind of sniffer dog outfit, and send him off on a nocturnal hunt. I have suggested the compost heap as an ideal starting point as I remember finding lots of them in the one at my Gran'ma's house when I was young.
I like the new colour scheme. I like blue.

I hope you and Dolores have a lovely weekend and see you on the other side next week I guess.

Dr Maroon said...

Well done with the book McCrumble.
Who is this Mark Booth fellow?

Anonymous said...

Hell no ! This colour is not for me.

Okay. Enough with the negativity.


Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hazel - fear not, I found most of the hedgehogs. Story will be forthcoming, I promise

Maroon - Mark Booth is the chap who persuaded me to publish. He took over the project after I was arrested, fearing that I may not be released! He will appear as the official author due to a long-term issue regarding my name appearing in print (see entries passim). I'm trying to keep a low profile for the time being, so he will handle all the publicity

Anon - sorry, but your's is the only complaint so far.

Anonymous said...

Ah well. I go with the majority. It's not the blue, but the hue.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Good luck with this project, Dr Joe. Kim Ayres might be the fellow to give advice on publicity.

Kim Ayres said...

I like the blue - the green never really did it for me, but each to their own, etc.

I've linked to your book from my site.

Despite GB's confidence in me, I'm afraid I've never tried publicising a book, but to begin with, ask every blogger you know if they'd link to it. You could also try a blunt cogs script. In fact, now that I mention it, I'll put a link to your book there too.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

GB - thanks for your good wishes

Kim - Thanks for the links and suggestions. I'll try hard to come up with something suitably irreverant for bluntcogs, he he.