Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scientific endorsement

Hello all

Wow, now I am doubly happy. Not only did the book arrive, but I was sent the following video by my colleague Dr Mark Booth. He is as keen as I to get this book out into the public domain.

thanks, Mark!



Dr Maroon said...

I smell a rat.
He has the same knees as your good lady.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

What are you implying Maroon? Either that my wife is a man, or Dr Booth is a woman?

yours in confusion


Anonymous said...

Hey Crumbly he's hot! Where can I buy one?

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...


Thanks for your kind offer to purchase a Dr Booth (Premium Model). Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock and our supplier has gone out of business. The Dr Booth appearing in the video is, to my knowledge, the only unit full working order. Incredibly lifelike, isn't he?



Kim Ayres said...

You're taking your time creating a Blunt Cogs script, so I've put up one for you to be getting on with - get back to your keyboard, McCrumble.

Oh, and sort out the links in your sidebar... I'm sure Dr Booth will be happy to point out that you shouldn't neglect publicity opportunities

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...


Yes Sir! Will do!