Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn Symposium

Dr Mark Booth has asked me to publicise his forthcoming symposium entitled 'Progress in Paediatric Parasitology' where 15 internationally respected parasitologists will be speaking on this very topic. I did wonder if he was going to ask me to make another personal appearance, after my triumphal video interview in Cardiff earlier this year. He promptly replied that this wouldn't be neccesary. He suggested I visit the symposium incognito if I am worried about being recognised. That's not such a bad idea, providing I can hitch my way that far North in time. If I set off tomorrow I should make Peterborough by the weekend, Wetherby by the 20th and Stockton by the 23rd, when it all begins. Wish me luck!

British Society for Parasitology Autumn Symposium
23rd-24th September
Durham University Queen's Campus
Stockton on Tees
For more information, including a full programme and speaker's abstracts, visit