Thursday, December 14, 2006

McCrumble hits the shelves!

Hello all

Dr Mark Booth, my marketing manager, sent me an email this morning with the following photograph attached:

He told me that it was taken in Heffers Bookshop, Trinity St, Cambridge. They have, apparently, kindly offered to stock the book, despite the fact that I am a first-time author and have self-published! Dr Booth has also negotiated with Brownes Bookstore on Mill Rd (also in Cambridge) to stock the book.

I feel a slight swelling of pride.



prof plum said...

Expecting my copy in the post anyday delivered by an amazon.

hazel love said...

Well look at a real book shop! Congratulations Dr McC - and regards to Dr looks as though he is doing a good job for you!

Waterstones here you come!

Ooh how funny - the letters I have to type to verify are 'iblab'

Kim Ayres said...

I'm impressed with your ability to sneak half a dozen copies into a bookshop, stack them on a corner of the table in a gravity defying way and get your photo beforeanyone noticed - Kudos to you!

You might want to find your way over to Blunt Cogs, by the way - there are festive stories going on and Monstee has created a true masterpiece

Pendullum said...

Good On you!!!!

YOu are now one of my heroes!!!

Found you through one of my biggest heroes... Ms. Nikki's blogroll...

birdandbuffalo said...

Respect, dude. Wonder if they'll do the same for us.