Friday, December 08, 2006


Hello all

I just tried to introduce Gabbly - the instant chat thing on the sidebar, to the blog of Mr Chris Evans, Radio 2 presenter. It failed, not surprisingly perhaps, because it has the potential for subversiveness and unregulated comments. Oh dear. Well, at the moment there is nothing to stop it from happening. Let's have some fun before they find a way of blocking it..

Simply add the following before the http:// part of a website address and it will open a chat window.

It really works.




Susan S said...

Evening J!

Went onto Gabbly .... but ended up talking to myself! Are the Blog Police real or is it a programme, do you think?

Hugs, Susan S, fellow Blogette!

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hi Susan S

I have asked the same question myself. I suspect a robot at the moment, even if they are human