Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just add text

Hello all

Sorry for the delay. I was forced to give up blogging for a while under the strict orders of Dolores, who wanted me to completely clear up the mess made whilst I was in the forest. I've yet to type up the final episode, but now that my dearest wife has given me permission to start again, I should have it finished soon. Hopefully.

In other news:

Risk of untimely death
The death threats have completely abated. Whether or not that means I am free from the risk of imminent extinguishment, I'm not sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed. If you don't hear from me for a while, do not automatically assume the worst.

Prosecutions pending
A date for my appearance as a defendant in the case of assault on Toby Hancock-Jones, my boyhood nemesis whom I decked in the summer during a brief visit to Kings Lynn has now been set. Unless something miraculous happens, I will be in front of a judge on Feb 7th 2007. The delay was down to the fact that Toby went AWOL for two months after becoming embroiled in a love triangle with his employers niece and someone from the Kings Lynn council.

Witness statement
A date for the trial of the head of department who is accused of fixing exam results has been set for January 13th. I am likely to be called as a witness.

Dolores is blooming. I tell her every day that she looks more beautiful than ever. She scowls whenever I say this, for reasons I cannot understand. Perhaps it is the effect of hormones. I'm not sure. She is going for her 20 week scan tomorrow, accompanied by moi, obviously.

It's selling, slowly. Dr Mark Booth (my marketing manager), tells me that its Amazon ranking oscillates between 20000 and 150000 depending on sales. He gave a book reading in Cambridge that was well received, so fingers crossed. Dr Booth asked me to remind my American readers that the book is available on, where it is currently showing a sales rank of zero.

Instant chat
I've Gabbly enabled the site (see the sidebar). If I'm blogging, I'll be happy to chat for a bit. Until Dolores catches me at it. She blames my obsession with blogging for most things. A bit unfair I think. If you've never Gabbled before, here are the relevant instructions:

1) Look at the Gabbly window
2) Identify your temporary Gabbler ID (it's the id written in the box underneath the chat window)
3) Change this to something meaningful
4) Type your message!




Anonymous said...

I'm really at a loss, I could never quite workout what your CE blog entries were all about until now. Happy hedgehogs! JMcC


Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hi Lindy

Welcome to the blog. Hope you have a better idea now. It all started out as an attempt to bring my science and art to a wider audience. Events partly beyond my control seemed to take over. Now I'm constantly trying to just catch up.

Anonymous said...

Yo McCrumble,
Thought I'd just pop in and say hello.
Can you let me know when Dr Mark Booth will be doing his next reading of your book in Cambridge...and I will try to pop along.
Also, I'm starting to research the realities of publishing, rather than the dream. I have 10 chapters (out of 12) written. I am interested to know how you went about it and if you have any tips for other blog-obsessed first timers.
Mrs Moose hasn't found out about my blogging yet. It feels a bit like a dirty secret, as though I am raiding her clothes cupboard while she is out and putting on her high heels...
Still, enough of that.
Cheers for now

Anonymous said...

I thought ... I'll 'ave a chat.

Then I thought again.

This time the thought was ... where's this link to Gabbly, then ?

My last thought (before clocking off) was ... ah well, there's always tomorra.

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hi Moose - found your blog. Haven't read it all yet. Will make concerted effort. Well done on getting this far with the book. Fingers crossed.

Micky - Link to Gabbly? It's on the side bar, half way down the page.