Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love to win

Hello all

Well, who would have thought it possible....

After a rather volatile affair lasting 4 months, it is finally all over.

I wrote several times, hoping to explain myself and give answers to several difficult questions.

For almost the whole four months I was spurned, and eventually I gave up trying.

Then, quite suddenly, the following email appears....


Subject: Merit prize

Good afternoon

I've pasted a url below which links to the article which, it has been
decided, is the best of the competition.

Would you agree?

Warm regards



I clicked on the link and hey presto....

Of course I agreed, and yesterday I received the congratulatory email. So my thanks finally go to Love to Lead and Toshiba. Bless 'em.

I'm now an award winning blogger!




Moose said...

Congratulations! Very well deserved...

Anonymous said...

congratulation :)

hazellove said...

Well done Dr McC.

Have you typed this blog on your fabby new laptop?

What happened to Roger?

Did you get Timothy back to No.3 in time?

These and many more questions available at '' said...

That's awesome.

I can't say i've even read a blog written by a parasitologist, let alone a famous one.

Anonymous said...

It comes to those that wait

Kim Ayres said...

Bastards never gave me one for being the very 1st blogger to post on their site.

I'm not bitter.

Congratualtions anyway

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Moose - thanks!

Hazel - still waiting for delivery, though I am, in fact, typing this on an older Tosh. Roger's story will be continued shortly

Bullsatuk -I think I'm the only one blogging. Most of them are too busy in the lab.

Kim- sorry. It was you who encouraged me to enter. I'll name the new computer after yourself in honour of your efforts.