Friday, May 11, 2007

The fat man runs

Hello all

My marketing manager, the slightly overweight Dr Booth, has told me that he intends to shed his beer/cake gut by undertaking a sponsored run around the sights of London. He is quick to point out that he is not doing this for fun, but as a way of raising money for Stand Up for Africa - the registered charity to which the Matangini Project belongs. The run is scheduled for the 1st July, under the banner of the ASICS 10k British London run. He also asked me to point out that he never normally runs anywhere, so although the 10k may not be in the same league as a marathon, it's still a mountain to climb...

Dr Booth has established a page at

You can donate any amount from just £2, and if you are a UK taxpayer, the charity will claim 28% giftaid on your donation.

The money raised will be put towards a borehole in a rural Kenyan school. The borehole will provide approx 300 children with a sustainable source of clean water, and considerably reduce their exposure to a wide range of water-borne diseases.

best wishes



hazel love said...

Dr McC, would you please be kind enough to pass on a message to Dr Booth?
I would be delighted to send a postal order for ten of your finest English pounds, at some point after the end of the month if you (J McC) or he would be kind enough to furnish me with a address.

ps what date is the event please?

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

Hazel - thanks very much. Could you please contact me by email using