Monday, April 09, 2007

No 3 has arrived!

Hello all

Well, that didn't take very long! I am pleased to announce that No 3 is now part of the McCrumble family. He weighed in at just over 3kg, and was screaming and kicking moments after arrival. Mother and baby doing well. I'm so proud, that I'm going to break with my own rules on familial anonymity (see posts passim) and post a couple of photos. I figure no-one will recognise the young'un when he finally gets out and about.

The twins have told me they are excited about having another brother. They want to understand what it was like to be so young and 'flexible' as Twin X succinctly put it. Twin Y thought I might be too old to have another child, and asked me if I ever intended playing football with No 3 when he was the twins age. When I answered in the affirmative, my first-born merely snorted, and proceeded to imitate an old man with scoliosis and a walking stick. Oh what a couple of wags they are becoming. I am minded to keep a close eye on them when No. 3 comes home, in case they attempt to subvert his innocence.

Please join me in a virtual wetting of the baby's head. To No 3!



Anonymous said...

Babycham all round!

Kim Ayres said...

To number 3!

So will he be refered to as Z or W? I can never remember which direction in ther alphabet you were heading with your children.

And when's the vasectomy booked in for?

Lily said...

Congratulations on birth of No3! Lovely pictures too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the Mc's on the safe delivery of a fine and healthy boy.
Hope there's someone available to peel grapes for the new Mum?
Best wishes