Monday, April 23, 2007

The McCrumble affiliate program

Hello all

Dr Mark Booth, my marketing manager, has informed me that the 'bookstore' known as Borders have stocked my book in their Cambridge branch. He sent the following picture as proof:

They have apparently sold one copy.

Become a McCrumble affiliate today!

Interested in contributing to a worthy cause at no expense to yourself?

Fond of the written word?

Keen to support self-publishing writers?

If so, then you might like to consider becoming a McCrumble affiliate.

Here's how it works...

Pop along to your nearest bookshop (preferably an independent) that you think might be interested in stocking McCrumble. Approach the manager/purchasing person and ask them if they would consider putting McCrumble on their shelves. Upon receiving an affirmative response, ask them to contact me at with their details, and I will organise for my marketing manager to undertake negotiations. Should the negotiations work, you will automatically become an affiliate - a badge you can wear with pride!



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