Thursday, September 21, 2006

Joseph in chains?

Dear All

Dolores here. You may have been expecting another melodramatic statement from Joseph, but I'm sorry to say he won'tbe blogging today.

Why? Because he has been arrested and is currently in police custody.

They came for him early this morning when I was out jogging (a dawn raid on my husband!). Apparently the shit hit the fan when the police came to the door. There was some sort of scuffle. Ravel got hurt in a vain attempt to smuggle Joseph out of the back door, and had to go to the nearest accident and emergency (30 miles away!). No doubt, if they bail him, my husband will blog what happened sometime next week. Fortunately the police left behind his computer.

I’m not sure I can cope very well at the moment. I’m feeling sick every morning. I can’t go into the fridge without gagging. The only thing I find that has any positive effect is the smell of apples. I’ve strewn them around the Institute. Denise the receptionist has been temporarily promoted to kitchen manager. From what I remember, she can't cook, but at the moment I don't really care.

Actually, thinking about it, I might just hire external catering. Joseph can pay for it.




Clare said...


Take care of yourself and hope that the catering (or receptionist) can assist with going into the dreaded kitchen! In the meantime, send best wishes from Clare who's 'met' Dr McCrumble at the Chris Evan's blogsite. He's written some really entertaining and engaging stuff on there. He's become one of the gang and we'll really miss his postings.

I really hope all goes well! Do take care of yourself and keep us posted!
Best wishes (gosh... doesn't seem to help much does it?)

Hazel Love said...

Oh Dolores, I can't possibly imagine what you must be going through. I trust you have managed to partake of some healthy repast to keep your strength up? Some warm croissants with jam and a small pot of Earl Grey.
Good for the have-a-go hero Ravel. Worth his weight in gold, bless the lad!
May I recommend a spa day tomorrow to aid your traumatised recovery. Obviously for you AND Joseph as I'm sure the prosecutors will realise the error of their ways, and DrMc will be free to dissect this world again.
Yours in angst
(also from Chris Evans Schlog Squad)

Nikki said...


Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Well we must organize a campaigh, right away. With badges and t-shirts and posters on lamp-posts: "Free The Cumbernauld One!"
Or at the very least "Access To Wireless Technology For McCrumble".

I'll march for him. Unless it's a Tuesday. Or it's raining. But I'm with him nearly all the way!

Have you tried ginger for sickness?

Gorilla Bananas said...

Ravel is the kind of man who might persuade the plaintiffs to drop their charges. Otherwise he could testify as a character witness.

Katie said...

Poor Dolores,

you really do have my sympathy, this is not the kind of situation that a gentle woman in your condition should be living through.

I think you should leave the children with Denise and go and sit in an orchard with a good book and a nice chilled glass of apple juice in the hopes that this might alleviate any stress or feeling of sickness.

I agree that it might be a good idea for a march/rally to be organised --- do they still film 'Take The High Road' in Scotland as maybe a few of us could sneak onto the set with banners.

Take care Dolores, I'm off away for the weekend so won't be able to check back on you till Monday but I'm sure all will be well.

(yep another of Chris' schloggers)