Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Off to the equator!

Dear readers

The title of this post does not lie. On Friday evening I am indeed partaking of an adventure to foreign lands. To a country that straddles the equator, that Winston Churchill once called the 'Pearl of Africa'

Can you guess where that is yet?

Here's a clue. Idi Amin, the last King of Scotland.

Correct, it's Uganda. I'm going to be there on the day they hold their general election. The incumbent president, one Yoweri Musevoni , has decided to, er, redevelop the constitution and allow himself to stand for one more term. How much would you like to bet that he'll be there forever?

Given the opportunity, I'll try and post news of events AS THEY HAPPEN. Failing that, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I'll be camped near the airport in Entebbe, so if rioting breaks out I'll be out of there like a rabbit out of a stray dogs home.

yours in trepidation



SafeTinspector said...

Is he the one you are studying? A parasite, indeed!
You could try to crush that bug, but his jackboots are more numerous and deadly that you, probably.
I could be wrong, you might be an anthropomorphic nuclear detonator....

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

I shall be a passive observer of events, sitting up high on Entebbe hill minding my own business with the good people of the Virus Research Institute (for they are the reason for my travels). I have nothing personal against the old boy, but sad to say he appears to be going the way of all African leaders when they start to lose it.

Foot Eater said...

If you get trapped at Entebbe there's every chance a daring rescue bid will get you out.

I see Idi Amin's eldest son is planning to enter politics in Uganda. Claims he isn't a chip off the old block, but who knows...

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

I reckon the airport might be the first place they'll go for, so I'll keep my trusty suitcase close to hand. Even if I'm in the middle of a seminar - the first whiff of gunpowder and I'm off.