Monday, March 19, 2007

McCrumble short-listed for blook award!

Hello all

Apparently, someone has coined the word 'blook' to mean a book that is derived from a blog. I don't care much for the word myself, but what influence do I have, eh? A short list was recently announced for some competition that I had never heard of, and was therefore unable to enter. After my initial disappointment, I decided that, in the free and entrepreneurial spirit of the blogosphere, I should mount an alternative competition for bloggers who had missed the previous call. I therefore inaugurated the Cumbernauld Institute of Art Blook Awards.

Resources were scarce, on account of having nothing in the budget to cover 'blook awards', so I was forced to limit my advertising to the local newspaper, for just one week, in the 'small ads classified' section. I know this part of the newspaper is well read by the local population, and was therefore somewhat disappointed to receive just one nomination, and no original entries. My disappointment was amplified when I discoverd, to my slight consternation, that the nomination had been made by Ravel (my trusty research assistant) and that it was for my own book!

Fearing the worst, I checked the competition rules. Fortunately, I found that I was eligble to enter, provding I did not nominate myself. The deadline for entries was this morning at 11am. No one else entered or nominated, which means my book is the only one on the short-list. A panel of independent judges from a representative cross-section of the village (a school teacher, the butcher and a local farmer) will read all the entries and make a collective decision based on quality of writing and entertainment value. Given that the short-list is quite, er, short this year, I suspect the winner will be announced before the end of the month. The first prize is a voucher for £250 to be spent in the Cumbernauld Institute of Art Shop.

The short list:

'The Wonderful World of Joseph McCrumble'
Dr Joseph McCrumble takes us on a highly entertaining adventure through the ups and downs of his life as a parasitologist forced to work anonymously on account of a cruel twist of fate involving the accidental genocide of a town's entire population of pet rabbits.

Wish me luck!



Anonymous said...

But the prize would mean in effect you are buying your own paintings.

Samantha said...

Good luck!

Susan S said...

LOL Ok ... good luck!

I've never heard of a blook, either! The world just gets stranger and stranger!

How's Dolores?

Kim Ayres said...

WooHoo! Congratulations Doc! I reckon with those odds you could be in with quite a good chance.

Is there a runners up prize?


I dislike the word 'blook'. It sounds like the Scottish word 'plook' and hence has connotation of pus.

I wish you luck.