Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What's been going on?

Hello all

Apologies for not continuing my account of what happened in Kings Lynn. I have been having innumberable problems with technology at the Institute. I thought it was an electronic gremlin and had to call in some IT specialists at great expense to fix the problem. Then, lst night, I caught my no.2 research assistant, McCavity, tampering with the wireless network router in my office. I had just awoken from a dream in which Timothy Hedgehog had begun using my computer to email details of my experiments to a group of dissident hedgehogs in Iceland. I was so alarmed that I had to go an make sure everything was OK. On entering my office, I saw McCavity bent over the desk, screwdriver in hand. Needless to say, an altercation occurred, in which McCavity accused me of ruining his relationship with girlfriend Chloe. I told him that was nonsense, but that I was instead going to ruin his career at the Institute by firing him on the spot. McCavity pushed me aside as he exited, promising to make my life hell in the future.

I take no pleasure in telling a staff member that their services are no longer required, but McCavity has serious issues that he needs to resolve before I could consider asking him to return to the fold. I hope that he uses the time now available to him to look inwardly.


P.S. Now that I am reconnected, and my workload has decreased slightly, I intend to tell you what happend in Kings Lynn in the very near future


Kim Ayres said...

I thought the long absence was to do with a lack of Internet connection at Her Majesty's B&B. Glad you're still with us.

So is McCavity accusing you of filling his girlfriends cavity?

Samantha said...

Hurrah, you're back!

Susan S said...

You definately live the kind of life that novels are based upon! I find it so unsettling and scary that there can be people in the world who can harbour such hatered and resentment towards another person. But perhaps I've just been very sheltered!