Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hello all

Dolores here. As you may know, Joseph has gone into hiding. He assures me that once the threat is lifted he will be back here. In the meatime, he has promised to update his new blog. Why the hell he feels the need to write under a different blog title I have not the tiniest idea. He did mumble something on the phone about 'IP address tracing', so maybe he has some method attached to his madness.

Did I say madness? Oh dear. I've been trying not to go down that route but I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps my husband needs help. Any suggestions based on your own observations would be welcome.

Over here at the Institute things have virtually ground to a halt. Without their boss around the staff are just lounging around doing sudoko puzzles. I'm not doing too bad considering the stresses and strains. Whether number 3, currently growing inside at a tremendous rate is unharmed remains to be tested. The twins have calmed down since Jospeph made contact. The headmaster offered to send them home on compassionate leave, but I politely declined. Having my mother here and Joseph missing is just about as much as I can bear at the moment.


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