Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some good news....


Dolores here, still babysitting Joseph's main blog. He still insists on writing everything on his new incognito blog, so if you really feel the need to read what he says then you'll have to nip over there. Of course, I have a life too, so you might like to read what I have to say.

In fact, as of today, the news isn't all bad. One of the charges against my husband has been dropped. I was in the middle of instructing Denise how to cook an omelette when I received a phone call from the local police. They told me that the girl who had accused Joseph of sexual assault was no longer pressing charges. It turns out that she was caught with her pants down administering a 'favour' to the brother of one of the arresting officers in a layby. The incident was reported in the local paper, at which point several other men came forward and said they had enjoyed brief encounters with the girl in public places. There actually seems to be some sympathy for my husband, and the village may even be coming round to the idea that the charges were unwarranted in the first place.

I've told Joseph, but he is still reluctant to come home whilst the person who made the death threats is still at large. 'This is a small victory in a long war', he wrote. 'Only tremendous fortitude and exemplary courage will bring about a long-term, viable settlement'. Yeah, whatever. Sometimes he's just a little bit.....

You get the picture.


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