Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello all

This is just a teaser. Sorry for the long delay since last posting. All will be, er, Raveled (geddit?) as soon as I get the opportunity. Since he's been gone I've found myself incumbered by all manner of parental duties that were formally his domain. I'm beginning to think No.3 in particular might now actually recognise my status.

As per Daphne's suggestion, I'm going to start doing shorter posts - just to keep my keyboard from rusting up, mainly, and to hopefully make it back up Kim Ayre's blog list.




Gorilla Bananas said...

Hello, Dr Joseph. I am glad to hear you're well.

Kim Ayres said...

You'll have to get the apostrophe in the right place if you want to stand a chance...

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

It's just that I only get an hour lunch break. I'm flattered that a celebrity parasitologist such as yourself should listen to my recommendations. Nobody else does.