Friday, June 15, 2007

Sad news

He came back.

The Institute is no more.

Timothy Hedgehog is missing, presumed dead. Everyone else OK.

I am blogging under emergency conditions.

Will tell full story when I have got my head around what happened.

Sadly yours

Joseph McCrumble


Kim Ayres said...

Something awful has happened, but rather than ruin your sleep I'll tell you in the morning...

For goodness sake McCrumble, you can't leave us hanging like that with no explanation.

Who, how, why, where and, if you're up to it, when?

Anonymous said...

I think I have found Timothy Hedgehog.
No more info till I get the reward money.....

Anonymous said...

I am allowed to send a message to you Mc Crumble. If the reward is not paid to my captors in the next 48hrsI shall become Hedgehog Curry and served up in a new Indian Take Away here in ... well not allowed to say.

Help, Help,