Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Turmoil and more

Dear all

Blog more often says Anonymous. Likewise Nikki demands that I bring forth the next episode. Would that it were that easy. Hunstanton was a pleasurable trip, and all I wanted to do was to tell you how nice it was to see the multicoloured cliffs for which the small Norfolk resort is famous. But, somewhat sadly, events not of my choosing have overtaken my desire to blog the simple things in life. To summarise: as soon as we got back to the Institute all hell broke loose. I'll fill you in later, but suffice to say I have been speaking to no less than 3 police forces, none of them on a social basis.

Things are afoot that I could not have predicted a short time ago. In the coming weeks you can expect major changes from the McCrumbles. My ever present spouse Dolores will be posting her own shocking tale of mysterious goings-on whilst I take a welcome break at two of Scotland's more well known metropolisis(?). First, I am heading to Edinburgh for a small fringe workshop on parasites (yes, I may take in the festival). Then, on Sunday I am heading to Glasgow for one of the largest gatherings of parasitologists ever undertaken. You can read all about it at

When I get back from Glasgow I promise to put fingers to keyboard and reveal all. That is, if I'm not arrested between now and then. Wish me good luck, dear blog chums, for I sorely need it.

yours in trepidation

Joseph McC

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Nikki said...

(eyes bugging out of head)

I sincerly hope you donate to your local police station and do good works in your community.